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Kyle Beachey has joined the Firm

McCarty Associates, LLC is pleased to announce that Kyle Beachey joined the firm in August as an Associate Engineer-MEP.

Kyle graduated from Cedarville University in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation Kyle worked for NLB Corp. as a CAD Designer and Akkodis as a Moonshine Shop Technician at GE Aerospace before joining McCarty Associates. In these roles Kyle gained valuable engineering experience that will help him contribute to the team.

Kyle brings ambition, a great work ethic, and a diverse understanding of the engineering process to create our client’s designs. Kyle will be taking the FE exam in the near future to start the process of becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Kyle, his wife Stacey, son Noah, and three blue heelers (Gracie, Bailey, and Lorelei). recently moved to Hillsboro from Greenfield. Kyle looks forward to meeting and engaging with our clients in the coming months. He may be reached at the Hillsboro office of McCarty Associates.



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